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Get in on the Ground Floor of Up and Coming Licensed Cannabis Business Projects and Get a Slice of The Pie, whether you are an ACCREDITED INVESTOR and/or an UNACCREDITED INVESTOR.

What Is The Cannabis Investor Marketplace?

The Cannabis Investor Marketplace, brought to you exclusively by New Leaf Cannabis Consulting, is your online portal to discover and get in on both Ground Floor Cannabis Businesses at the beginning of their lifecycle, when the most gains are there to be had, as well as more developed Licensed Cannabis Companies that are requiring your capital investments to achieve that expansion, sometimes at truly unbelievable rates of return on investment. 

Investors, Founders, Visionaries….Get in on the Ground Floor, with the Cannabis Investor Marketplace.


In need of investment capital for your business? Are you at or near the finish line when it comes to State Licensing? Do you have municipal approval and need funds to hold a piece of green zoned real estate while you finish the license application process? 

Do you need capital to build out your facility before final walkthrough approval and probationary licensure? Here is where to list your deal. Do you need 12 to 15 months operational expenses for things such as Electricity and Labor/Personnel Costs? 

The Cannabis Investor Marketplace is THE PLACE to connect with savvy Cannabis Investors who BELIEVE IN YOUR VISION.


The Age Old Adage.., What would it be like to have gotten in o the GROUND FLOOR of Amazon or Google, or Facebook and Microsoft, right?  Even though we are over 10 years into a developing cannabis sector, there is still so much opportunity for both Accredited and Unaccredited Investors to get in at eh very beginning, or within the first 5 years of these up and coming cannabis entreprenuer’s Cannabis Business Operations.

The Cannabis Investor Marketplace is host to Cannabis Startup Deal Flow from Cannabis Entreprenuers at the most critical points in their Business Lifecycle’s….

The Points where the Risk has been minimized due to municipal approval, owned or lease real estate, and State Approval or pending State Approval. Other points further down the business lifecycle can and may include events such as the Critical Need for Expansion Capital at Years Two and Three of Operations.

YOU can be there on the ground floor to realize AMAZING returns due to the COMPETE LOCK on DEMAND vs. Supply. The Demand for Cannabis Products and Services is only headed in one direction. And that Direction is UP.


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