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Allows Medical marijuana?: No

Allows Adult-Use marijuana?: No

2018 Medical Sales : N/A

2022 Projected Medical Sales : N/A

2018 Adult Use Sales : N/A

2022 Projected Adult Use Sales : N/A

Noteworthy Information: In May 2018, the Governor approved SB282, allowing for the possession and retail sale of cannabidiol (CBD) products containing zero percent THC. Citizens do not have to be apart of a registry or be diagnosed with a qualifying condition in order to legally use or purchase CBD products. A decriminalization bill succeeded in 2016, however its largest effect is to only reduce 1st time possession from one year in prison to six months in prison (therefore, it remains one of the more strict prohibition states). Since only the legislature may authorize medical cannabis in Kansas, it will not be appearing on any ballots.


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