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Whether Your Company Is Retrofitting And Existing Building Or Building From The Ground Up….

Facility Layout For Any Business Model. We Have Designed The Preliminary Floorplans For Over 20 Different Types Of Cannabis Facilities Nationwide In The Past 4 Years. We Have Designed The Layouts For Medium To Large Scale Cultivation Facilities, Extraction, Manufacturing, Distribution, And Retail Dispensaries. Especially When It Comes To Cultivation And Extraction Faciities, The Layout And Design Can And Will Be Tricky.

To Scale Facility Floorplans

We lay out To Scale Facility Floorplans to show where your Operational Area’s are, your Storage, Packaging and Staging, Extraction, Vegitatative Rooms, Flowering Rooms, Secure Transport Vans, ADA Ramps and Toilets, Secure Check in/out’s, etc. All Laid out To Scale in the Exact Dimensions for easy interpretation by a Licensed Architectural Firm in order to get their PE Stamp of approval (if required by municipality or state). Thus saving you UNTOLD amounts of money from having to use a License Architectural Firm who know NOTHING about the cannabis business from gouging you with an exhorbitant hourly rate while they figure out the layout.

We have designed countless facilities across the U.S. and Canada, for ALL types of Cannabis Business Facility Types, including Extraction, Cultivation, Dispensaries, Secure Transport, and Lab Testing Facilities.

Security Floorplan Overlays

ALL of our Facility Floorplan Packages include both Color Coded Access Control and Permissions Sections, as well as Security Device Overlay’s which show the locations of the following…

  • Panic Buttons
  • Motion Sensors
  • Access Control Doors
  • Security Camera’s

Vendor/Equipment Management and Operational Design

Need to determine the right lighting, agricultural controls, C02 Commercial Burners, Reverse Osmosis Unit, Type of Grow Strategy, Nutrient Fertigation Systems, etc. We have the experience to help YOU build a State of the Art Facility with the LATEST Technology.