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South Dakota

Allows Medical marijuana?: No

Allows Adult-Use marijuana?: No

2018 Medical Sales : N/A

2022 Projected Medical Sales : N/A

2018 Adult Use Sales : N/A

2022 Projected Adult Use Sales : N/A

Noteworthy Information: Some sources name South Dakota the most hostile state towards cannabis. They have twice rejected medical cannabis on the ballot. Nonetheless, activists in the state continue to push for both medical and adult-use, in part now encouraged by success in North Dakota. A petition to put medical marijuana legalization on South Dakota’s 2018 general election ballot was rejected after it failed to reach the proper number of valid signatures. The South Dakota Senate passed Senate Bill 95 in 2017 removing cannabidiol from the definition of marijuana and making it a Schedule IV controlled substance and legal to consume so long as any recommended CBD oil is approved by the Food and Drug Administration.


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